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What To Ask When Buying A Used Car

Imagine this, you are browsing through an online used car listing for a used car that looks great and begin daydreaming about taking it for a spin. But first, remember, every used car has a history. In Singapore, car buyers either purchase a used car from second-hand dealers or through direct owners.

Car Modifications That Are Illegal In Singapore

There’s definitely nothing wrong with trying to give your car a bit of personality or “pizzazz”, as long as it stays within the rule of law. Here in Singapore, we have a certain set of laws that we have to abide by. But hey, that doesn't mean you can’t rock legal modifications for your sweet ride. But before that, let’s take a look at the different kinds of illegal modifications that you should avoid or take note of. 

Modern Essentials For Every Car Owner

Your must-haves in your car goes beyond the technical items such as jumper cables, tyre irons, lifting jacks and such. This article is going to elaborate on lifestyle items that every car owner should keep in their vehicle for times of social emergencies. Trust me, I’ve learnt my lesson. 

Every New Car Coming To Singapore In 2020

CarBuyer collated its annual list of every new car launching here in Singapore this year. There are more than 70 models, however, we have shortlisted a handful that we think you guys will like! This list is curated in alphabetical order to make it easier for our readers to browse through.

Top 5 Car Commercials

Undoubtedly, car commercials are some of the best around. They’ve got the budget, the team and a product that is powerful, sexy and desirable. Though some take this and still manage to create something average, there are many commercials that, for whatever reason, will stick in our minds for years to come. Of course this list is entirely subjective and there are plenty of amazing ads around. However, we believe these shortlisted 5, are a cut above the rest.

Signs A Second-Hand Car Has Been In An Accident

Buying a used car makes total sense when you’re on a tighter budget, however, getting the right one could be a bit of a challenge. If you choose to go down the second-hand route then there are a number of things to look out for to help you spot whether the car you are considering buying has been in an accident.

A Quick Guide To Buying a Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is probably one of the most reliable midsize sedans available in the market. While it lacks in its flashiness, they definitely make up for with a comfortable cabin, miserly fuel consumption and the ability to go the distance with very minimal issues. There’s a reason it was also the best-selling car in the United States for the past 10 years. Be it new or used, you can be assured that the Camry will get you more bang for your buck.