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    Best Price with NO Fees

    Get the best selling price for your car with ZERO Fees.

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    Allow our 230+ dealers bid for your car with no obligation to sell.

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    We charge very low fees for the dealers, so that you can get more value for your car.

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    Fill-up a form by clicking on “Sell Your Car”, our personnel will get back to you within 24 hours.

    After verification, UCARS will put your car up for bidding to our network of over 300 dealers

    Should you accept an offer, UCARS personnel will help to arrange a viewing.



    Gideon endorsed on...
    10th January 2020
    They are friendly and approachable.
    I have sold 2 vehicles using UCARS bidding system. It was a seamless process as the team helped to coordinate the necessary things needed and all I have to do is to be present during the viewing and handover. They are friendly and approachable. It is absolutely free as well.
    Ong Suat Lin endorsed on...
    3rd December 2020
    Their staff were responsive and their thoughtfulness from the seller perspective was awesome.
    The UCARS bidding system has helped to ease the selling of my car tremendously. Their staff were responsive and their thoughtfulness from the seller perspective was awesome. That was evident when the buyer attempted to ask for a lower than the agreed price. Thank you so much!
    Mr. Eng endorsed on...
    25th June 2020
    They are responsive and understand the market very well.
    The team at UCARS are just great. They are responsive and understand the market very well. They put in the extra effort by even helping me with photos and videos for my car. And it's no fuss! These guys love what they do - highly recommend using them!

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