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Vehicle Permit Entry On Hold Until Further Notice

Earlier this April, Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) announced that all foreign vehicles entering their country are required to present a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) with effect from October 1. However, on the first day that the VEP was supposed to kick-off, an MOT spokesperson revealed that it will not be enforced during both peak and non-peak hours until further notice.

SBS Transit And SMRT Apply For Fare Increment

The Public Transport Council (PTC) released a statement on Monday (September 23) announcing that it received applications from SBS Transit and SMRT Trains requesting for a fare increase which could see bus and train rides costing up to 7 percent more per ride.

Roadsense: What To Do When A Traffic Police Officer Asks You To Pull Over

Suppose you have been pulled over for an inspection – You are stressed out, nervous and probably even disoriented. Regardless, it is extremely important to remain courteous and cooperative in such situations. After all, conducting these traffic stops are an integral part of an officer’s quotidian responsibilities as it is their duty to ensure all road users adhere to traffic rules.    

Roadsense: What Are The Consequences For Speeding In Singapore

With the rise in red-light-running accidents occurring in Singapore, citizens must bear in mind that beating the red light is an extremely reckless act which puts the lives of drivers and other road users at high risk. Drivers should slow down as they approach a signalised junction, and prepare to stop their vehicle when they see an amber light or bear the consequences of their negligence.

Roadsense: How To Manage Road Rage

Road rage is aggressive, threatening or violent behaviour performed deliberately to disregard the safety of others along with the intention of endangering others. To avoid driving under the influence of impaired emotions, these are a few tips to help keep road rage at bay.

Singapore Grand Prix 2019: Road Access And Public Transportation Plans

The Formula 1 2019 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix will take place between 20 and 22 September 2019 around the Marina Centre and Padang area. Race organisers have made arrangements to ensure minimal traffic disruptions and facilitate accessibility while allowing the wider public to go about with their activities in the Marina Centre and Padang area.