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Modern Essentials For Every Car Owner

Your must-haves in your car goes beyond the technical items such as jumper cables, tyre irons, lifting jacks and such. This article is going to elaborate on lifestyle items that every car owner should keep in their vehicle for times of social emergencies. Trust me, I’ve learnt my lesson. 

Most Popular Classic Vintage Wedding Cars

Getting married is a life-changing decision. Often, couples taking this leap forward will want their wedding to be an unforgettable experience. Believe it or not, every detail matters, and out of all the people that are involved in the process, brides will know it best.

Why Everyone Should Own A MINI At Least Once In Their Lifetime

The MINI, a little go-getter from the British automotive marque has a lot to offer in a small, yet profitable premium segment. Often, pundits claim drivers would either love or hate owning a MINI, and judging from the car’s fairly conservative designs, that seems to be the case.

Best Late-Night Restaurants In Singapore

Come one, come all my fellow foodies. The UCARS team came together to curate a list of our favourite late-night restaurants to drive out to for those late-night cravings. The supper-culture is rampant here in Singapore and honestly, can anyone blame us? Go through this mouth-watering list of amazing restaurants and you’ll know why! Whether it's something ‘atas’ or wallet-friendly your stomach is pining for, don’t fret, we got you covered.

Chinese New Year Superstitions For Cars

With the Chinese New Year (CNY) fast approaching, people are preparing to welcome the Year of the Rat by practicing a specific set of rituals, superstitions and traditions designed to have an auspicious effect on their luck for the year ahead. Hence, we have listed down a few dos and don’ts associated with cars that the majority of Singaporeans believe in, including the reasons behind those beliefs too.

Top 5 Car Commercials

Undoubtedly, car commercials are some of the best around. They’ve got the budget, the team and a product that is powerful, sexy and desirable. Though some take this and still manage to create something average, there are many commercials that, for whatever reason, will stick in our minds for years to come. Of course this list is entirely subjective and there are plenty of amazing ads around. However, we believe these shortlisted 5, are a cut above the rest.

A Beginner’s Guide To Taking A Road Trip Alone

Embarking on a solo road trip might seem intimidating – After all, travelling to a foreign land alone can be daunting at first, but don’t let that fear deter you from setting off on a swashbuckling adventure. Take it as a significant step towards furthering your independence, developing a better relationship with yourself and creating memories that will last for a lifetime. 

Nissan Commits To Two More Electrified Models In Singapore For 2020

Nissan and Tan Chong Motor Sales, the exclusive distributor of Nissan passenger and light commercial vehicles in Singapore, have announced the introduction of two more e-POWER models to Singapore within 2020. The announcement made today at the Singapore Motorshow 2020 is the next step towards a 100% lineup of electrified passenger vehicles in the country by 2022.

Electric Vehicle Adoption in Singapore

Let’s face it, Singapore has all the right ingredients to excel in the adoption of more electric cars on the road. Furthermore, electric cars are becoming more mainstream, and you’re likely not alone in wondering whether an electric car is right for you. As the technology supporting electric cars (EVs) and batteries continue to improve, drawbacks such as high cost, limited range, performance issues, long charge time, and a dearth of charging stations are fading away.

Top 10 Value For Money Cars In Singapore For Under S$20,000

The first step to take when shopping for a vehicle is to set a realistic budget. Determining a general price range that you can comfortably afford will help narrow down your options and ensure that you live within your means. Car buyers should spend no more than 10% of their earned income on a car loan payment and 20% for their total car expenses, which include insurance coverage, petrol, repairs and maintenance.