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Car Search: Your One-Stop Solution To All Your Automotive Needs

Modern problems require modern solutions. In the case of Car Search, they go above and beyond in providing an all-encompassing range of auto service, which is something you don’t really see much of with consignment dealers in Singapore.

Most Iconic Cars Starred In Action Movies

There is no better love affair than Americans and their cars. They love it so much they even invented drive-in theatres so that they don’t have to get out of them. Little wonder, then, that Hollywood has both reflected and encouraged this automotive obsession. These vehicles become a visual icon for the entire film and eventually, an extension of the characters in the movies themselves.  Included in the list are some of the greatest automotive icons in movie history. In these films, the cars really are the stars...

$7 Million Grant To Help Food Delivery Riders Affected By Footpath Ban Replace Their E-scooters With Other Devices

A $7 million grant has been introduced to help food delivery riders replace their electric scooters, after the Government banned the devices from footpaths earlier this week. Under this scheme, food delivery riders who trade in their existing e-scooters will receive up to $1,000 each to buy a power-assisted bicycle, or $600 for a bicycle.

Best New Cars Arriving in 2020

Though there is an assortment of brand-new and fully redesigned passenger cars hitting the road for 2020 model year, their numbers are dwindling as buyers are instead choosing sport-utility vehicles as their rides of choice.

10 International Automotive Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Are you an automotive enthusiast on the hunt to fill your feed with an assortment of impossibly cool cars to satiate those hunger pangs for automotive content? Well, look no further because we got you covered. Presenting a carefully curated list of our favourite automotive Instagram accounts, from one enthusiast to another.