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UCARS: The Online Car Marketplace Connecting Dealers To Consumers

It all began with a vision to make the buying experience a little bit easier. Established in mid-2019, UCARS was founded by a consortium of renowned car dealers and car-related service providers who came together with a common goal to create innovative ways for dealers to better connect with consumers.

Point S Singapore: The New Wave In Automotive Solutions For All Your Motoring Needs

Point S Singapore a.k.a. BCC Automotive Pte Ltd, has grown tremendously from a Mobil Service Station dealer workshop back in the 70s to a professional continental car specialist workshop providing complete solutions tailored to all of its valued customers' automotive needs, and now penning as the master franchise of worldwide leading independent tyre dealer and car care maintenance network - Point S.

How Mitsuoka Makes Extraordinary Handmade Cars In Japan

Nestled between the stunning Northern Japan Alps and the serene Sea of Japan, the original Mitsuoka Motor factory draws car-lovers from all corners of the world into the city of Toyama, a coastal city on the island of Honshu.

All Service And All Smiles With Guan Motor Private Limited

Guan Motor Private Limited is one of Singapore’s well-established car dealerships, making its mark for the company’s reliability and customer-oriented services. In this exclusive interview with UCARS, Founder Ong Peng Hock shares with us about how Guan Motor has been able to thrive in the increasingly competitive automotive industry.

The Man Behind Mitsuoka: Susumu Mitsuoka

Mitsuoka is a Japanese car make that captures the hearts of many for its timeless yet affordable selection of cars, but do you know about the man behind the wheels who brought us these stunning models? The well-loved company would not have established itself as one of Japan’s most successful niche brands if not for the ethos of its Founder, Susumu Mitsuoka. Though little about him has been mentioned, there is much to appreciate of a young child’s love for cars turned dream come true.

Take A Step Into Motorworld

As measures are tightened for the rest of the Circuit Breaker period, more dealerships are shifting their marketing budget to digital efforts. We speak to Justin Liong, founder of Motorworld on how his business has seen a surge of interest and orders through social media platforms.

How The Circuit Breaker Extension Impacts Car Rental Companies

Derrick Neo is the director of Supertec Limousine whose car rental company has sustained significant financial impact since the Circuit Breaker measures were implemented. Neo acknowledges that the government has indeed rolled out a slew of assistance schemes to alleviate the issues. However, he still feels that car rental companies are neglected despite all the help readily available.