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Honda Teases Image Of Next Generation Jazz

Honda has released its first teaser image of the all-new Jazz which is set for its World premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show on 23rd October.

Dyson Scraps Electric Car Project In Singapore

Electrical appliance giant Dyson announced on Thursday evening (Oct 10) its decision to scrap a £2.5 billion (S$4.3 billion) project to build electric cars. The plans had included its maiden electric car plant running in Singapore by 2021.

The Most Popular Hatchback Cars in Singapore

Hatchbacks have a long-standing reputation for everyday usability, practicality and boot space. With a rear boot door that opens up and outward to make loading and unloading cargo or groceries easier, smaller dimensions than sedans or MPVs and all-round better visibility, hatchbacks are ideal for new drivers or small families who value the space offered in a small package. Here are a few of the most popular hatchbacks in Singapore in the recent years.

The Most Popular Sedan Cars in Singapore

The popularity of sedans hasn’t really died down since the very first production cars rolled off the assembly plant. With the exception of performance brands like Ferrari or Lamborghini, most (if not all) car manufacturers would have a few sedans within their range. And more often than not, their flagship or most popular models are sedans as well.