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Have A Safe Trip: How To Become A Better Driver

There is always room for improvement when it comes to honing your driving skills. The more these basic driving tips are practised, the sooner it becomes second nature to you,…

Modern Essentials For Every Car Owner

Your must-haves in your car goes beyond the technical items such as jumper cables, tyre irons, lifting jacks and such. This article is going to elaborate on lifestyle items that every car owner should keep in their vehicle for times of social emergencies. Trust me, I’ve learnt my lesson. 

The Optimal Driving Posture For Comfort And Safety

Having the optimal driving position is extremely critical because an incorrect seat and steering wheel set up could potentially result in drivers adopting awkward, slouched or unsupported postures, which could cause permanent back discomfort too. Furthermore, driving with your seat adjusted properly will keep you better protected in case of an accident.

Roadsense: How To Manage Road Rage

Road rage is aggressive, threatening or violent behaviour performed deliberately to disregard the safety of others along with the intention of endangering others. To avoid driving under the influence of impaired emotions, these are a few tips to help keep road rage at bay.

Cost Of Car Ownership In Singapore

Commuting between places is so much easier with a personal mode of transportation. Instead of following fixed routes or timetables, drivers can plan their own trip, take diversions to avoid bad traffic, and relish in the utmost flexibility and privacy of a peaceful journey.

A Guide To HDB Season Parking

It is no surprise that Singapore is known for its exorbitant car prices. At least with season parking, drivers can save a fair amount of money on parking fees. If you are contemplating on whether to purchase a car or move into a flat anytime soon, read on to find out what kind of season parking permits you are eligible for.

Myths About Car Cleaning Tips – Do They Really Work?

Since the automotive industry is swarmed with self-professed experts offering tips on car maintenance, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between facts and myths. Therefore, we debunked the most common misconceptions about car detailing so you can give your car the TLC it rightfully deserves.

What To Do When You Get Into A Road Accident

Road accidents often occur because of human error. In these times of trouble, experiencing emotions at an unusual level of complexity, depth and intensity is a natural part of being in conflict, however, it could potentially lead to irrational decisions as well.