About Us

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Our Brand Story

It all began with a vision to make the buying experience easier. Established in 2019, UCARS was founded by a consortium of renowned car dealers and car-related service providers who came together with a common goal to create innovative ways for dealers to better connect with consumers.

Aiming to revolutionise the automotive industry, we developed an online car marketplace where dealers and consumers alike can expect a seamless end-to-end experience when buying and selling a new or second-hand car. With the collective efforts of a committed team, UCARS has become one of the fastest growing online car marketplaces in Singapore today.

Problems In The Automotive Industry

Dealers in the automotive industry pride themselves on the personal connection that they have with their consumers. Genuine face-to-face conversations and viewings are what establishes and retains the close relationships dealers and consumers have.

However, this personal touch has been compromised with the recent forced closure of many showrooms across Singapore. Additionally, as cars are left unsold, expenses continue to rack up due to depreciation and rental cost of their underutilised showrooms.

To maintain that personal connection and continue driving sales, there is a need for dealers to take the conversation online. Approaching consumers is not as simple as walking up to them and striking a conversation, rather, it is about drawing consumers to your business and having them approach you first. That is why digital marketing is crucial for dealers to create a strong digital presence for themselves.

How UCARS Can Help You And Your Business

This is where UCARS comes in. We understand that consumers want a comprehensive and thorough inspection of the details of listed cars, while dealers want a competitive edge in generating sales in the competitive automotive industry.

UCARS has a user-friendly digital platform that turns potential sales leads for dealers into future conversions. Bid farewell to trawling through every single car listing or tedious listing processes as browsing and listing is now made simple for both consumers and dealers!

On top of that, UCARS constantly seeks to provide both buyers and sellers solutions to facilitate seamless, contactless transactions – all without having to compromise quality customer service. That is why we have also integrated RemoteView on our platform, UCARS’ digital Live-video Chat feature.

To help car dealerships maintain a personal connection with their consumers, RemoteView offers LIVE car viewing services for dealers to respond to queries in real-time through scheduled video call appointments. Now, consumers can view cars from the comfort of their homes while dealers can continue to establish good rapport with potential buyers.

Our Exclusive Dealer Care Package

At UCARS, we understand how competitive it has been for you, therefore we will be offering digital marketing solutions specially for dealers during these trying times.

The Dealer Care Package (DCP) is our marketing strategy to drive quality leads and sales for you, all while establishing a strong digital presence and brand reputability for your business. You can expect to enjoy social media and content management, professionally-designed brand artwork and videos tailored to your business, and even branded articles to let consumers get to know your business better!


UCARS always places clients as our top priority.

Drawing from the knowledge of experienced individuals from the automotive industry in Singapore, we understand your wants and needs as a dealer. Moving forward, we want to establish an automotive marketplace that embraces digital transformation, and effectively use digital tools to help you and your business thrive in this rapidly changing industry.

What’s more, we are currently having a free one-month trial for our Dealer Care Package until the end of the three-phased approach (Circuit Breaker) to tide you through these times of uncertainty.

We understand that buying a car is a big financial commitment. UCARS is here to help consumers get the best deals, make the right decision and save money. Contact Grace Yeo, UCARS marketing manager, at [email protected] or schedule a live video call session with us today!