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How The Circuit Breaker Extension Impacts Car Rental Companies

Derrick Neo is the director of Supertec Limousine whose car rental company has sustained significant financial impact since the Circuit Breaker measures were implemented. Neo acknowledges that the government has indeed rolled out a slew of assistance schemes to alleviate the issues. However, he still feels that car rental companies are neglected despite all the help readily available. 

Take A Step Into Motorworld

As measures are tightened for the rest of the Circuit Breaker period, more dealerships are shifting their marketing budget to digital efforts. We speak to Justin Liong, founder of Motorworld on how his business has seen a surge of interest and orders through social media platforms.

Top 10 Video Games for Car Enthusiasts

As Singapore progressively lifts the circuit breaker measures over three phases, the majority of us will still continue working from home for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, this means we will…