Car Modifications That Are Illegal In Singapore

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There’s definitely nothing wrong with trying to give your car a bit of personality or “pizzazz”, as long as it stays within the rule of law. Here in Singapore, we have a certain set of laws that we have to abide by.

But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock legal modifications for your sweet ride. But before that, let’s take a look at the different kinds of illegal modifications that you should avoid or take note of. 

Here are the top five modifications that you are not allowed to make to your car, as specified by the Land Transport Authority (LTA):

Rear Tow Hooks 

Image Source: Shopee Malaysia

These things can cause some serious injury in a collision. That’s why we don’t see much of this nor trailers being lugged around by accompanying cars.

Decorative Lamps/Neon Lights

Picture Credits: Fast & Furious Live

Sorry to  burst your “Fast & Furious” car mod dream bubble but these are banned here. These types of mods include wiper washer LEDs, undercarriage neon lights, interior neon lights, and flashing decorative lights. These light mods might cause confusion and distraction to other motorists. Thus, they are prohibited in Singapore. 

Headlamp Modifications

Picture Credits: Nation Thailand

Singapore vehicles should only be fitted with the default factory fitted headlamps as they meet international safety standards. Using aftermarket headlamps might be hazardous on the road as it might cause unwanted glare.

Besides aftermarket headlamps, the tinting or masking of all car lamps are also not allowed. Other than aesthetic purposes, these mods will only hinder the visibility of cars, which can be very dangerous when driving at night or in heavy rain.

Nitrous Oxide Kits 

Gif Credits: Giphy

Once again, sorry fellas. Your Fast & Furious dreams will unfortunately, only stay in the movies or video games. These are definitely banned here in Singapore. This is because they adversely affect the engines safety and exhaust emissions. 

Air Horns

Gif Credits: Giphy

Air horns, are strictly prohibit in Singapore. They are very distracting, extremely loud and never fails to startle pedestrians or other fellow drivers. Often installed on large semi-trucks, these devices create an extremely loud sound for signalling purposes.

Now that you’ve been updated on that different kinds of modifications deemed illegal in Singapore, do you think these banned modifications are justifiable or are they just being too strict? Let us know your thoughts!

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