Czinger 21C: The 1,250 Horsepower, 3D-Printed Hybrid Hypercar

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Yes, you read that right. A 3D printed hypercar with an insane horsepower to boot. Well, large sections of the chassis are 3D printed, which paves the way for a revolutionary new car manufacturing process that could revolutionise the automotive industry.

Czinger has used 3D printing to create almost everything that underpins the car, from its chassis to the suspension wishbones, front crash structure, windscreen surround and even the dashboard. 

This revolutionary technique is combined with cost-effective carbon fiber tubing and aluminum that together makes for a hypercar with a true 1:1 weight-to-power ratio, as well as a very strong structure.

Image Credits: Topgear Singapore

The in-house developed hybrid engine packs a 2.88-litre twin-turbo V8 producing 950hp with an 11,000rpm red-line. It’ll be the world’s most power-dense production engine, connected to a 7speed sequential gearbox. 

Image Credits: Topgear Singapore

On the front axle are two electric motors fed by a 2kWh lithium-titanate (faster to charge and discharge than normal lithium-ion) battery pack housed in the sills and kept topped up by a rear motor generator.

Performance-wise, the hypercar proved to be a complete beast, clocking in an outrageous time of just 1.9 seconds going from 0-100kmh. 

Image Credits: Topgear Singapore

It is set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Source: Topgear

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