Modern Essentials For Every Car Owner

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Your must-haves in your car goes beyond the technical items such as jumper cables, tyre irons, lifting jacks and such. This article is going to elaborate on lifestyle items that every car owner should keep in their vehicle for times of social emergencies. Trust me, I’ve learnt my lesson. 

To kick start this list, we’re going to include one of my most essential items,

1. Water bottle.     

You have no idea how many times I’ve gone thirsty in my car stuck in a dry jam. Most definitely I would recommend a good canister bottle because hey, let’s reduce our dependence and use of plastic bottles. Or even if you do, make sure you guys reuse them! 

2. Snack Bar

Secondly, we definitely need something to compliment the h20. What better than a nice protein bar, or any snack bar really. It’ll be so convenient when you have the munchies while on the road. 

3. Breath Mints 

Next is something I had to learn the hard way unfortunately. Imagine having a date after work and meeting your lovely partner with your breath smelling like your afternoon coffee binge. Oh joy. That’s why personally, mints are an essential to have in your car. 

4. Workout Gear

Workout clothes and gym shoes are an essential if your schedule includes a gym sesh after work. Even so, it is always nice to have that option in mind when you feel like it. That will save you time from going home first and such. 

5. Car Diffuser

Similar to having mints in your car for when your breath stinks, a car diffuser will help combat that stale smell in your car and boost the cabin atmosphere. There are so many car diffusers in the market now with a whole range of different scents you could choose from!


Ever drove with the sunlight hitting you right in the eye? Yeah, that was NOT fun. Keep a pair of sunglasses in the glovebox for when that happens. It wont take up that much of a space either so, why not? Besides, in sunny Singapore, you can use them practically anywhere in the day too.

7. Phone Charger

This one, really goes without saying. Is there even a need to elaborate on this. Just keep an extra set in the car.

8. Umbrella

Taken from another similar article on our website, agreeably, this item may be the most overlooked by most people. An umbrella would come in handy when Singapore’s unpredictable weather strikes. Whether it is to shelter yourself or your passengers, it will keep you dry if you are parking in an open space, or even provide you with some shade in Singapore’s scorching hot weather.

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9. Spare Change

Living in a sort-of “cashless society”, I still feel the need to at least have some loose change with me. Not everywhere accepts card sometimes and when they don’t, you’re going to be glad you have some change in your car.

10. Face Wipes & Hand Sanitiser

With the Corona Virus issue in Singapore still looming large, take precautionary steps to maintain good personal hygiene. Avoid touching your face unnecessarily by using face wipes, and be sure to always sanitise your hands after doing anything. Thankfully, we even made a short video on this that you guys can check out!

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If you have any other tips for us drivers, feel free to share with us by commenting below!

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