Best Late-Night Restaurants In Singapore

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Come one, come all my fellow foodies. The UCARS team came together to curate a list of our favourite late-night restaurants to drive out to for those late-night cravings. The supper-culture is rampant here in Singapore and honestly, can anyone blame us? Go through this mouth-watering list of amazing restaurants and you’ll know why! Whether it’s something ‘atas’ or wallet-friendly your stomach is pining for, don’t fret, we got you covered.

(FYI, the author of this article claims this was the hardest list to curate because he wrote this before he had his lunch)

1. 25 Degrees Burger, Wine and Liquor Bar 

25 Degrees Burger, Wine & Liquor Bar | Late night restaurants
Photo Credits: 25 Degrees Burger, Wine & Liquor Bar via Facebook

Marie (Graphic Design): Marie has a very “ang-mo” taste in her choice of late-night eats. But undoubtedly, nothing beats the feeling of scoffing burgers for supper and to those that disagree, haven’t tried burgers and milkshakes from 25 Degrees. 

Originating from Los Angeles, 25 degree Burger Bar and has been endorsed by A-List celebrities as their go-to burger joint.  When asked to choose one (she gave five but after much contemplation, she narrowed her choice to just one) dish she would recommend, Marie favours the Signature Burger Number 2, succulent and tender Australian-sourced beef patty, roasted tomatoes, burrata, crispy prosciutto and pesto sauce. What a mouth-watering combo.

25 Degree Burger Bar opens daily, Monday to Sunday from 7am to 3am. And if you’re visiting this burger joint on Mondays, enjoy happy hour deals till 11pm! Now that’s what’s up! 

25 Degrees Burger, Wine & Liquor Bar, 200 Middle Rd, Singapore 188980, Opening hours: Daily, 7am – 3am

2. Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant

Image may contain: food
Photo Credits: Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant Pte Ltd via Facebook

En Li (Content and Social Media Marketing): True to her Jiak Kim Zouk days, after a “lit” night out with her friends, En Li would take a taxi down to Jalan Besar to have supper at Swee Choon Tim Sum. She has been a dedicated supper-patron of this local favourite dim sum restaurant  and, while boasting, “probably spent hundreds of dollars there over the past 5-6 years”.

Swee Choon is an affordable, no-frills place that has fond memories for many locals, even En Li. When asked to recommend her favourite dishes, she listed these 3 menu items as her must-have, must-buy every time she visits there.

The steam salted egg custard bun($4.50 for 3), the Shanghai Xiao long bao($4.50 for 4) and the Sichuan chili oil wonton ($4.50 for 4) were her top 3 go-to dishes in which she described as “worth it and very shiok’.

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant, 183/185/187/189/191/193 Jalan Besar Singapore, 208882

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11.00am – 2.30pm & 6.00pm – 6.00am, Sun & PH: 10.00am – 3.00pm & 6.00pm – 6.00am
Closed on Tuesdays

3. RK Eating House

Photo Credits: Haikal Hairis right before he devours it

Haikal Hairis (Admin): Nothing satisfies those hunger pangs better than Indian food. Or at least for Haikal, he prefers that on top of everything else. The 24-hour Serangoon gardens eatery is one of the most popular supper spots in the North-East.

Prata shops that open 24 hours are aplenty across Singapore but it’s not easy to find a really delicious one that hits all the right spots and as said by Haikal, “this one confirm more shiok”. When asked to recommend his go-to dish, he chose the current fan favourite, named the “R.K Special Prata Combo”.

It sounds mysterious but what is entails is basically two pieces of crispy plain prata drenched in mutton curry and topped with two wobbly soft-boiled eggs. Both Haikal’s and the author’s stomachs began to rumble shortly after. 

R.K Eating House Pte Ltd, 1 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557253, (As stated on their facebook) Always Open

4. Siam Square Mookata

Photo Credit:

Grace (PR and Marketing Executive): It was no surprise that our fellow Thai-Chinese colleague would choose a thai barbecue steamboat eatery. Siam Square Mookata (SSM) is considered one of the few pioneers Mookata Restaurant in Singapore. Grace claims that Siam Square Mookata is one of the best because if its fresh and superb ingredients and their secret recipe chili sauce. They have a wide variety of ingredients, priced between $1.80 to $2.80. Pork belly, sliced pork, chicken and even liver only costs $1.80! More expensive items like pork neck, smoked duck, prawns, squid, oysters etc at priced at $2.80. 

Siam Square Mookata,

5. Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel | Late night restaurants
Photo Credits: Salted Caramel

Hidayat Ali (Content and Social Media Marketing): Who’s to say you cant have ice cream for supper? In fact, there’s always time (and space) for dessert! If you still got a bigger space for dessert, you could always upsize your single scoop ice cream with a waffle and/or brownie! Unlike the others, my top recommendation comes easy and fast, the horlicks tim tam flavour. Nuff’ said.

Salted Caramel, 246F Upper Thomson Rd, Thomson Garden Estate, Singapore, 574370

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