A Quick Guide To Buying a Toyota Camry

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The Toyota Camry is probably one of the most reliable midsize sedans available in the market. While it lacks in its flashiness, they definitely make up for with a comfortable cabin, miserly fuel consumption and the ability to go the distance with very minimal issues. There’s a reason it was also the best-selling car in the United States for the past 10 years. Be it new or used, you can be assured that the Camry will get you more bang for your buck. 

Let’s take a deeper look into the various versions of the Toyota Camry, from the 6th Gen edition (2007-2011), the 7th Gen edition (2012- 2017) to the latest 8th Gen edition and 2019 model. You can find that each generational model has its own unique perks however, the term reliable and safe is the only constant that transcends through the different models over time. 

The 6th gen Camry saw Toyota giving it a design facelift from its predecessors. Featuring a more stylish exterior, sophisticated interior and a heck more power. Comfort wise, it is unrivalled with its increasing passenger space with every new Camry release. Granted when the 6th Gen Camry was released, the technology available for cars weren’t that advanced yet however you can still find a nifty aux input jack and a CD input, if you’re those folks who still rather buy physical copies of their favorite artists. However, it does possess keyless entry and ignition so you can bet that you’ll be out of the parking lot in a swift. Its engine isn’t one to be overlooked too. Boasting 268 horsepower, this Camry will breeze past. 

Image Source: Inchcape Pre-Owned

Get the 6th Gen Toyota Camry(2009) 2.0 at $59,800 from Inchcape on UCARS.

The 2012 Camry (7th Gen) saw yet another upgrade in terms of space and sophistication. Also boasting an even better engine with better fuel economy, especially on the hybrid models, which earned an EPA estimated 43 mpg city/39 mpg highway. Besides that, the 7th Gen Camry has an electric-assisted steering gives the Toyota Camry a light, agile feel. In 2015, the Camry got a major makeover, with sportier looks, even more power and improved handling. Besides the upgraded engine, the interior got a swanky upgrade too. You’ll find more standard equipment and more luxury options such as wireless charging, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking. 

Image Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Get the 7th Gen Toyota Camry(2015) 2.5A at $80,800 from Mayfair on UCARS. 

Now, on to the latest 2019 model! You can say that there’s not much of a drastic change from the 2018 model. Sort of like the ‘S’ versions of an iPhone, the upcoming model sees notable upgrades. The 2018 model saw the Camry taking a turn for a more sportier look and a larger lower grille. The sporty exterior was definitely a hit because the latest model followed suit without much changes. A new color, supersonic red, is introduced. This effort saw Toyota really pushing the sporty angle with such a striking colorway.

Image Source: www.betweentheaxles.net

Also, the introduction of Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa is a huge plus to the Camry’s infotainment system but the lack of Android Auto might be a deal-breaker for shoppers on the other side of the smartphone divide. On top of all that, as all Camry upgrades go, you’ll find that the latest version will have even more sharper handling, a more composed ride and natural driving position.

Image Source: Toyota.com

If these upgrades seem unnecessary to you then the older models of the Camry would suit you just fine. If it’s high-tech driver aids you’re after, shop the seventh generation. Here you’ll find items like blind-spot monitoring to help you avoid accidents. Or maybe you just want to buy the latest Camry in the market and fully utilise the Apple CarPlay/Amazon Alexa function. That’s totally cool too. Of course the topic on getting used or new cars is a whole other debate on its own, the Toyota Camry, be it the 6th Gen or even to the latest model, promises you exactly what you expect, comfort, reliability and value. That is the charm of the Toyota Camry. 

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