GrabFood Rider Given Short Detention Order For Injuring Elderly Man In E-Scooter Crash

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A GrabFood delivery rider has been held accountable for causing grievous hurt to an elderly man after crashing into him on his e-scooter.   

Jegatheswaran Kalaiselvan, 22, was speeding along a walkway near Block 152 Serangoon North Avenue 1 around noon on October 21 last year when he failed to spot Liaw Bok Chai, 75, coming down a flight of stairs. The impact of the collision resulted in Liaw suffering from a brain bleed and fractured cheekbone, although he has since made a full recovery.  

As a consequence of his negligence, Jegatheswaran was sentenced to a seven-day short detention order on July 16. Under the order, he will be placed behind bars for a brief period but will not have a criminal record upon release. On top of that, the youth was instructed to perform 140 hours of community service within a year.

For causing grievous hurt due to negligence, Jegatheswaran could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000.

With the spike in accidents involving PMDs, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has emphasized a set of code of conduct that all 85,000 registered PMD users are encouraged to follow.

Best Practices Riding A PMD

  1. Watch your speed and go slow around others.
  2. Check that your lights, brakes and tyres are in good working condition before setting off. 
  3. Check the height of your handlebars and seat on the bicycle to ensure that you have full control of the device when coming to a sudden stop in an emergency.
  4. Keep both hands on the handlebars. Signal your attention to change course or make a turn ahead of time.
  5. Ride on bicycle crossings when available. 
  6. Keep a safe distance from other path users especially when overtaking to avoid collision.
  7. Avoid projecting your device lights into the face of another device rider or of a pedestrian when riding.
  8. Keep left on paths unless when overtaking.
  9. Slow down when approaching bus stops and/or intersections of public paths.
  10. Walk your device in crowded areas.
  11. Gently alert others before overtaking.
  12. Always give way to pedestrians.
  13. Ride on shared paths when available.
  14. Park your devices at designated parking places such as bicycle racks and yellow boxes.

Image Source: The Straits Times | Land Transport Authority

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