How To Park Your Car

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There are several contributing factors that provokes Singaporeans to exhibit road rage – Drivers with poor driving etiquettes, ever-increasing ERP gantries and rates, and inevitable peak hour traffic congestion on the expressway to name a few.

Even after reaching your destination, not only are parking spaces hard to find in our fast-growing city, but their ridiculously narrow lots can also be difficult to manoeuvre in. Hence, these are a few tips on how to perfect the two different methods of parking in a car.


Reverse perpendicular parking is a method of parking a car 90° to the curb or wall. In general, traditional straight parking spaces have the most effective parking layout because drivers are able to approach their lots from either direction since both lanes of traffic can be accommodated. To boot, this method not only prevents road congestion, but it is also much easier to exit a parking space.

  1. First, align your mirror with the last line of the second parking lot further away from your parking lot. If you have a bigger car, align the mirror after the line. If you have a smaller car, align it before the line. 
  2. Turn the steering wheel completely and reverse till you are completely straight. Turn the steering wheel one turn and a half to straighten the wheel and reverse till you fill in the lot.
  3. Remember to make sure you do a check to see if there are any people around you as you don’t want to hit anyone.


Parallel parking is a method of parking a car parallel to the road in line with other parked vehicles. Parallel parking can be intimidating even for the most seasoned drivers because of the risk in scraping their car’s rims. Therefore, knowing the external dimensions of your car is crucial to gauge whether it fits better in a custom “compact car” or standard parallel space.

  1. First, align your car mirror parallel to the car in front of your lot. Then, turn your wheel one turn to the right. 
  2. With same size car, reverse until the front car car plate is in the middle of the window pane.  
  3. If your car is longer, align the car plate towards the right of the window pane. 
  4. If it is smaller, align the car plate towards the left of the window pane. 
  5. Then, turn your steering wheel complete to the left and reverse till you fit into the spot.

Parking a car perfectly requires patience, persistence and practice. Keep trying because once you get the hang of these techniques, it will gradually feel like second nature. Lastly, if you have any other useful tips for drivers to hone their parking skills, feel free to share with us by commenting below!

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