Top 10 Gifts For The Car Enthusiast

Top 10 Useful Gift Ideas For The Car Enthusiast

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Looking for a gift that isn’t going to be brought home just to be stored in the storage room to collect dust? You will definitely find something from this list! With so many new car gadgets and accessories sprouting up in the market daily, it may be difficult to decide on the one that suits your needs the most. We’ve searched high and low for the most stylish and value for money items that will tantalise every car owner.

Car Back Seat Organiser

Car Back Seat Organiser

Image Source: New Chic

Perfect for those who have the tendency of chucking all their loose items into the back seat. No more awkward situations where you have to ask passengers to carefully manoeuvre around this mess and find a nook to sit in. This multi-functional, waterproof PU leather car backseat organiser gives us more than we ever dreamed of. Are you ready? It boasts a foldable hidden table, a tissue box holder, an umbrella pocket, a water cup holder, two phone pockets, three pen holders, two pockets for iPad and iPad mini, three mesh storage compartments and a large pocket at the bottom to store anything from toys to books to snacks to office documents! Hold on, there’s more, not one but FOUR USB charging ports for your electronic devices. (Hurrah to no more fighting over charging ports) It also serves as a seat protection cover from kicking babies and children. Get it here. Available now in five stylish colours at only $35.28 each!

Mirror Dash Camera

10 Gift Ideas: Car Gadgets and Accessories10 Gift Ideas: Car Gadgets and Accessories Top 10 Gift Ideas: Car Gadgets and Accessories

Image Source: Qoo10

Better safe than sorry! Having a dash video camera in your car can make a whole world of difference when you find yourself in situations such as vehicle collisions and crimes such as theft and car scrapings. This is a rear mirror integrated with camera recording display featuring a blue, anti-glare lens and can be easily mounted onto any existing car mirror for use. The camera also boasts a G-Sensor that locks the video file when it senses an emergency brake or accident happening. Keep you and your loved ones safe and secure that insurance by getting the dash cam here.

Car Finder Device

Image Source: Amazon

Great for those forgetful ones. Park your car and no longer have to worry about remembering where you parked it. The Spy Tech STI offers near exact 100% vehicle location, thanks to real-time GPS tracking. STI easily tucks away anywhere inside a vehicle and, with motion activation battery life, can last two weeks or longer before requiring a recharge. No more wasting time walking around in circles, get it here.

Car Cover

Top 10 Cool and Useful Gadgets: Custom Car Cover

Image Source: CoverKing

A car cover can protect your car from the heat, wind, bird poo, thieving eyes. Don’t want a boring looking one? Customise one now.

KMMOTORS Console Side Pocket

top 10 useful and cool car gadgets a

Image Source: Amazon

Find yourself struggling to squeeze your hand through that tiny gap between your car console and front seat because you’ve accidentally dropped your phone,sunglasses, make up, or coins? Or worse, dropped some food that you can never fish out and will just be nesting at the your car floor waiting for roaches to feast on? This extremely stylish console side pocket solves all problems! Get it here at $27.99.

Car Seat Massager

Image Source: Qoo10

Spending long hours in your car? Being tormented by a bad back or poor bones that are causing you to ache after sitting down for too long? It’s time to be nice to your body and get Get it here.


Image Source: Qoo10

Drink before you drive? Check yourself before you wreck yourself with this breathalyser. With the breathalyser, you can now test your alcohol level and determine whether you are safe for the roads. If you test above the limit, get some fresh air and hydrate with some good ol’ H2O before you try the breathalyser again. If you really need to get home, just call a valet. It costs less than $40 and definitely costs way more than your life. Head over to our article on the Top 3 Valet Services In Singapore. Get it here.

Mini Air Purifying Bag

Image Source: Amazon

MOSO NATURAL Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying bags eliminates and absorbs odour. The 200g bag is great for cars and closets. Fragrance and chemical free. By absorbing excess moisture, these bags prevent mould, mildew and bacteria. Pro tip: place the bag in the sun once a month for at least an hour to rejuvenate. Reusable up to two years. At the end of the bags lifespan you can recycle the bamboo charcoal bag into the soil. environmentally friendly. Get it here.

Wheelmate Extreme Vehicle Desk

Top 10 Gift Ideas: Car Gadgets and Accessories: Wheel Desk

Image Source: Healthy Posture Store

Always having to eat on the go? Or have pockets of time you spend in your car? With the WheelMate Extreme Vehicle Desk, you can now enjoy your meal or have a convenient laptop desk and maximise the free time you have waiting for a late friend or client. Made in the USA from baltic birch, the desk is light and easily portable. It comes in three classy colours — mahogany, birch and grey.

Car Freshener

Image Source: Alibaba

What more can I say? You can’t go wrong with a car freshener. Keep things cool and fresh with a hanging air freshener that also adds spunk and character to the car! Choose from many designs here. Also, these hanging car fresheners are so wallet-friendly you could get 12 of them — one for each month!

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